ChatLLaMA 0.0.2 - Build your hyper-personalyzed ChatGPT assistant

ChatLLaMA 0.0.2 is a major release for the opensource project. The documentation of ChatLLaMA has been thoroughly revamped, with the complete process on how to create hyper-personalized ChatGPT-like assistants and the least amount of compute possible.

The following is an extract from the readme of ChatLLaMA 0.0.2. For the latest details about ChatLLaMA, check out its readme on GitHub.

Project vision

Instead of depending on one large assistant that “rules us all”, we envision a future where each of us can create our own personalized version of ChatGPT-like assistants. Imagine a future where many ChatLLaMAs at the "edge" will support a variety of human's needs. But creating a personalized assistant at the "edge" requires huge optimization efforts on many fronts: dataset creation, efficient training with RLHF, and inference optimization.

This library is meant to simplify the development of hyper-personalized ChatLLaMA assistants. Its purpose is to give developers peace of mind, by abstracting the efforts required for computational optimization and for the collection of large amounts of data.

What can ChatLLaMA help with?

ChatLLaMA has been designed to help developers with various use cases, all related to RLHF training and optimized inference. These are some of the use cases that better resonate with our community wishlist:

  • I want to create my personalized version of ChatGPT-like assistants for vertical specific tasks (legal, medical, gaming, academic research, etc.);
  • I want to train an efficient ChatGPT-like assistant on my local hardware infrastructure using a limited amount of data;
  • I want to create my own personalized version of ChatGPT-like assistant without costs getting out of control;
  • I want to understand which model architecture (LLaMA, OPT, GPTJ, etc.) best fits my requirements in terms of hardware, compute budget, and performance;
  • I want to align the assistant with my personal/company values, culture, brand and manifesto.

Roadmap and contributing

As an open source project in a rapidly evolving field, we welcome contributions of all kinds, including new features, improved infrastructure, and better documentation.
If you're interested in contributing, please see our Roadmap page for more information on how to get involved.

You can participate in the following ways:

Click here to continue reading about ChatLLaMA on GitHub.

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