ChatLLaMA 0.0.3 - Create your custom assistant like ChatGPT with limited computing resources


With ChatLLaMA, you can build custom assistants using like ChatGPT with limited computing resources.

We’ve been working with the community and collecting feedback to improve ChatLLaMA. With ChatLLaMA, you can create your hyper-personalized ChatGPT-like assistant using your own data and the least amount of compute possible.

Today we are happy to announce a new release of the project, with many new features and fixed issues 🚀

Main updates

  • Now you can easily parallelize your training with HuggingFace Accelerate and DeepSpeed.
  • You can efficiently fine-tune your Hugging Face's LLM with PEFT/LoRA.
  • Use your dataset without worrying to break your training with automatic dataset checks.
  • Your training stats are logged and easily accessible for maximum transparency of what is happening.
  • Apply ChatLLaMA also to your favorite HuggingFace models for maximum flexibility.
  • I want to align the assistant with my personal/company values, culture, brand and manifesto.
  • Training is more robust with checkpoints automatically managed for you.
  • Schedulers and Hyper-parameters are already initialized for an optimal starting point.

If you'd like to remain updated on our progress, join our Discord community.