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Nebuly helps you understand your LLM users to build better products. Automatically for you.

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Connect in 5 minutes
Easily integrate Nebuly's SDK with your favorite programming language and begin analyzing user data within minutes.
For API and opensource models
Nebuly is compatible with a wide range of language models, whether accessed via API (like OpenAI, Cohere, or Azure OpenAI) or open-source options (including LLAMA, Mistral, and more).

Time to tap into the gold mine
of LLM user conversations.

  • Monitor trending topics to see what your users are interested in.
  • Analyze users tasks to uncover the goals they're trying to achieve with the LLM
  • Observe the most common queries to identify what information users frequently seek.
Find out what's not working for your users. Nebuly keeps an eye on what makes users frustrated so you can improve how your LLM answers.
Explicit user actions and feedback. Nebuly automatically tracks explicit user behavior like copy and paste, thumbs up/down, chat scroll and more.
Points of friction or drop-off in the user journey. Automatically visualize where users struggle or leave, and check how quickly they find what they need.
Deploy models that users love and monitor progress over time. Continuously track advancement to ensure that each new LLM release enhances user satisfaction.

Build better LLM products

VP of AI
US finance corporation
As more and more LLM models go into production, then a big question arises. Are these models actually providing good results to our users or not really? LLMs analytics in production is the future!
10:01 PM · Sep 7, 2023
SaaS Webflow Template - Frankfurt - Created by Wedoflow.com and Azwedo.com
VP of AI
US bank
Nebuly is a great tool. I love the metrics one can see in your dashboard (user engagement, behavior, satisfaction) and the platform’s capability to automatically determine the topics of a given LLM project.
1:03 PM · Jul 3, 2023
Director of AI
Swedish company
Knowing the LLMs user satisfaction for each topic discussed is very valuable, as well as the optimization recommendations on how to improve the model.
10:17 PM · Aug 3, 2023
VP of Generative AI
US start-up
You need some sort of system to understand what the purpose of these LLMs is, how the users are interacting with them and how they feel like. Until today, there was no way to easily view all of that in one dashboard.
8:00 PM · Sep 1, 2023
Director of AI
Large healthcare enterprise
I was not satisfied with where we were. It was a big step up to be able to understand how the changes we're making are affecting user experience. That was like a really pivotal moment.
4:05 PM · Aug 9, 2023
Director of AI
E-commerce Indian company
It's imperative to monitor the cost of LLMs in production. Because these are very costly models and if you just let users carry on, you would not be able to deliver the ultimate business ROI.
10:17 PM · Sep 15, 2023

Scale with security

Coming SOON
SOC 2 Type 2
Nebuly is currently in the process of obtaining SOC 2 Type 2 certification.
Coming in Spring 2024
ISO 27001
Nebuly is working towards achieving ISO 27001 certification.
Coming soon
GDPR compliant
We safeguard your data through secure processing in compliance with GDPR.
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