Centralize and optimize all your AI costs

The next-generation platform for granular visibility into 100% of your AI spend.
Track and optimize AI infrastructure, software and personnel costs. In one place.

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Reduce AI spend

Get actionable recommendations to cut your AI costs without compromising models accuracy and speed.

Prioritize AI workloads

Compare model value vs cost to prioritize high-ROI activities. Make the most of your AI budget.

Simplify AI budgeting

Use your own AI costs data to create high-fidelity forecasts for next year’s AI costs.

Track 100% of your AI costs in one place

Gain full visibility on your AI spending by centralizing AI infrastructure, software and personnel costs.


Unlock granular visibility into your AI costs

Use our open-source SDK to easily decide what type and granularity of AI costs data to collect. All with 2 lines of code.


Slice and dice your AI costs on a model basis

Set custom filters to analyze various costs (training vs inference, infra vs personnel, Azure vs OpenAI, etc) for each of your models or projects.

Ask Nebuly’s Copilot any question. Deep dive into your AI costs


Get actionable AI-specific cost recommendations

Learn how to optimize AI costs without compromising the accuracy and speed of your AI models. Optimize yourself, or choose Nebuly’s automatic tool and optimize right away.


Stay informed with real-time cost anomaly notifications

Get notified on Slack, Teams, etc and tackle cost anomalies on the go.

Regain control of your AI costs and optimize your AI spend

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