Feature #01

User Intelligence

Gain a deep understanding of your customers' true needs and intentions during their interactions with your language models.

Every user prompt is an opportunity to understand what your customers truly need.

The user intelligence feature analyzes the behavior of your users when interacting with your language models. It meticulously tracks and assesses every aspect of the user experience, providing valuable insights into user behaviors.

This enhanced understanding allows you to gain deeper insights into several key areas:

• User intents
Identifies the underlying goals or objectives that users aim to achieve through their interactions with the model.

• Topics
Determines the main subjects or themes that are being discussed or inquired about by the users.

• Sentiment
Analyzes the emotional tone behind user communications to ascertain whether their feelings are positive, negative, or neutral.

• User query
Captures and interprets the specific questions or commands users are inputting into the system.

• Keywords
Extracts significant words or phrases that are pivotal in understanding the context and focus of user queries.