The user intelligence platform for LLMs.

User analytics specifically built for LLM-based applications and unstructured data
Automated user insights categorize conversations into topics and highlight user warnings
Increase engagement by connecting external data sources and A/B testing personalized LLM responses
Trusted by companies of all sizes that craft superior LLM-driven experiences
How it works
step 1
Centralize all user conversations with LLMs into one place.
Establish a comprehensive system or record (SOR) for users who engage with your company through LLM channels.
step 2
Quickly understand the intents of your customers.
Nebuly points out user intent from subtle signs in conversations. Are users requesting new products? Are they expressing a complaint or not getting the answer they were searhing?
step 3
Get actionable insights and improve user experience.
Automatically identify the issues your users face with your LLMs to enhance retention and boost revenue.
step 4
Feed external user data to your LLMs and personalize responses.
Increase the context that the LLMs have about your users by connecting external data sources.
Easily connect
Easily integrate Nebuly's SDK with your favorite programming language and begin analyzing user data within minutes.
For API and open source models
Nebuly is compatible with a wide range of language models, whether accessed via API (like OpenAI, Cohere, or Azure OpenAI) or open-source options (including LLAMA, Mistral, and more).
Scale with security
SOC 2 Type 2
Nebuly is currently in the process of obtaining SOC 2 Type 2 certification.
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ISO 27001
Nebuly is working towards achieving ISO 27001 certification.
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GDPR compliant
We safeguard your data through secure processing in compliance with GDPR.
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Self Hosted and SaaS
You can choose the deployment option that best fits your needs, whether you're a fast-growing startup or one of the world's largest companies.
Nebuly Self Hosted
Nebuly can be self-hosted on Microsoft Azure, AWS and GCP using Docker.
Enhanced Data Control
Retain full control over your data, ensuring by design compliance with specific security protocols and regulatory requirements.
Data Retention Policy
By default, data are never deleted to enable time-series analysis. Admins of a Nebuly workspace can opt for a different user data retention periods. At the end of the period, we automatically delete the user data.
Scalable Infrastructure
Tailor their infrastructure to meet your unique operational needs, from hardware configurations to software integrations, fostering scalability and flexibility as the business evolves.
Nebuly SaaS
Nebuly's SaaS platform is optimized for startups and businesses seeking scalability and rapid value.
Start getting intelligence on your users swiftly with no infrastructure setup required, getting straight to delivering value.
Benefit from automatic updates and improvements, ensuring your service is always at the cutting edge without manual interventions.
Enjoy built-in data security measures compliant with leading standards, safeguarding your users' information without the complexity of self-management.