How AI assistants for Education leverage Nebuly to boost student engagement?
Francesco Signorato
CEO @ Nebuly
Apr 8, 2024
In the field of educational technology (EdTech), conversational AI platforms are becoming crucial in enabling interactive learning.

EdTech platforms that are powered by LLMs engage students with their studies through a completely new, conversational interface. Nebuly is at the forefront, helping numerous companies in harnessing these LLMs, revealing user insights that increase student engagement.
Common challenges across industries and customer use cases
The companies that specialize in providing conversational AI for students often face a number of critical issues:

1. Understanding student performance: It is essential for these platforms to determine which subjects students are mastering and where they are struggling. This understanding is critical for tailoring instructional content and support.

2. Content security: Ensuring that discussions within the learning platform remain appropriate is critical to maintaining a safe learning environment. Manually monitoring discussions for harmful user content is not only inefficient but also risky. Inadequate oversight could allow inappropriate or dangerous user content to slip through, potentially exposing students to harm and the company to severe legal liabilities. Furthermore, such oversights could result in breaches of compliance with educational standards, leading to loss of trust and potentially causing schools to rescind contracts.

3. Personalized education: To improve learning outcomes, educators need detailed insight into each student's performance. Without the capability to personalize instruction based on detailed, data-driven insights into each student’s performance, educational content may fail to meet diverse learning needs. This lack of personalization could diminish the educational impact, reducing student engagement and satisfaction, which are crucial for the retention of contracts with educational institutions.
Before integrating tools like NebulyNebulyNebuly, EdTech companies typically struggled with the manual work involved in analyzing each student-LLM interaction. The sheer volume of data generated made it nearly impossible to understand students behaviour and effectively personalize instructions.
The role of Nebuly in transforming the student data analysis
With the integration of Nebuly, the AI team now has comprehensive access to student data through the "user intelligence" feature. This powerful tool not only highlights the areas where students face issues due to LLM inaccuracies but also provides a granular view of each student's performance across various topics. Specifically, the AI team can:

1 → Access all the students' data, utilizing the robust capabilities of the user intelligence feature to monitor and analyze interactions comprehensively.
2 → Identify and address the specific problems students are encountering due to errors in LLM responses, thereby enhancing the accuracy and relevance of the educational content.
3→ Detect and understand harmful behaviors in student interactions, enabling prompt intervention to ensure a safe learning environment and compliance with educational standards.
How Schools and Teachers Benefit
Enhanced understanding of student interests: By analyzing the topics and intents of student interactions, educators can better align their teaching methods and materials with the interests and needs of the students. This alignment not only enhances engagement but also improves educational outcomes by making learning more relevant and interesting for students.

Through these enhancements, Nebuly facilitates a more dynamic and responsive educational experience for each student, empowering teachers to act more strategically, AI teams to better control their LLMs and students to benefit from a learning environment that is both safe and tailored to their educational journeys.